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We Pride Ourselves in Customer Satisfaction

- Advantages of Owning A Log Home -


First and foremost, log and timber frame homes are environmentally friendly.

Log Homes take less money to keep cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Log homes may be expected to perform from 2.5% to over 15% more energy efficiently compared to an identical wood-frame home.

Log Homes are quiet. Log Homes significantly reduce noise and/or noise pollution, which are not as easily achievable in a traditional wood-frame house.

Log Homes are safer. Log walls have a unique insulating response within the charred wood which produces a slow rate of flame spread along the wood surface. Unlike conventionally framed houses, log structures have no concealed cavities for fire to travel through, making them a "top choice for endurance and integrity in a fire.

An appraisal of a log home can, in some cases, be up to thirty percent higher than the building costs.

Log homes are nearly maintenance-free, for more kid proof.

Log Homes are incredibly durable. Some European log homes still in use date back more than 800 years. A log home will benefit not only you, but many generations of your family to come.

Customer Testimonials

"He and his crew worked throught the winter and they were completed as promised by Memorial Day. The quality of the work was exactly as we expected and were delighted with the result. The price was acceptable and I am happy to report that it was a good experience. I can recommend Reid for any of your remodel jobs."
Kent Smith

"My wife and I have commented to each other on several occasions that we are very happy that we chose Bear Lake Log Homes as our contractor. Reid's knowledge and professionalism have allowed us to complete our project in a manner that has exceeded our expectations. I would recommend Bear Lake Log Homes to anyone wishing to use a quality builder at a very reasonable price."
Dave & Lisa Haymond

"The cabin actually turned out better than we could have imagined -- the PrecisionCraft log package is sturdy and attractive, trim work you did around the logs and at the ceiling are living proof that craftsmanship is alive and will in Idaho, and the red oak floor you installed is beautiful."
Bryan Brown & Susan Jones

"We love our new log home! Everything turned out just the way we hoped it would. We looked at other log homes and builders before we chose your company, however, we really like the quality and look of Precision Craft logs and the way you construct your homes. Thanks for getting it done when you said you would."
Jerry & Sheryl Spriet

"Reid always made sure he was building what we wanted. We also were told by several people in the building trade that Reid was the best builder in the area for log construction. We always felt that we were getting the best construction for the money spent."
Blaine and Cherie Schmidt

"The quality of construction is more than very good (I believe Reid is a perfectionist). The changes we made along the way were met with enthusiam and were quickly completed. -
Fred and Fay Gailey

"This is one of the happiest letters of recommendation we have ever written. Reid Stewart built our home in Bear Lake this past year and we couldn’t be happier. It is beautiful and we sincerely cannot think of a thing we would change about it. "
Tony and Kathy Tidwell

"Bear Lake Log Homes receives our highest recommendation!"
Bryan Brown and Susan Jones

"In trying to find a contractor, we wanted someone who could create a cabin that would complement the surrounding area. Bear Lake Log Homes of Bloomington couldn't have done a better job.
David and Margaret Saunders

"I have never had anyone that displayed their expertise, integrity and willingness to work with me the way you did.
Herb Stathes - Hill City Oil Company


"I would recommend Bear Lake Log Homes to anyone."
Karen Smith, Consulate General Quayaquil


"Thank you for all your efforts in helping us with the construction of our new family cabin overlooking Bear Lake... We would recommend Bear Lake Log Homes to anyone needing help in building a high quality new home."
Richard and Sharla Landers


"I would say that anyone hiring you could be assured that you will meet any deadlines you set, even if weather poses a problem."
Karen and Steve Hanson


"We went through a lot of research and design work and looked at a number of log mills and had a pretty good grasp of what we wanter done. You and your crew are the ones who took that vision and made it happen."
Larry Warren